Introducing Pran Patel

Teachers for teachers

Introducing Pran Patel

November 6, 2018 Speaker 0

We hope to share some background info about our sessions leads to whet your appetite ready for February.

Pran Patel (All through) or MrPatelsAwesome worked recently as an Assistant Principal. He is a self-professed, outward-facing leader.

What is your 6 word manifesto?

Teachers’ duty is to their pupils

Thinking Lecture

Whatever phase you teach, I fundamentally believe you are not leaders in your own schools and classrooms but leaders in our profession.

An interrogation of your own core purpose and vision; Culminating in an articulate statement of what you truly see education to be like.

Finally an investigation of outward facing approaches, leading to a ‘how to guide’ in engaging the world and connecting them with your vision. Hopefully this will start while you’re sat in the room.

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